Since childhood, Caledonia has grown up with an innate sensibility toward taste and texture. Luckily, her hypersensitive persona has flourished in the food and beverage industry.

Pairing this with her background in hospitality, Caledonia has developed a reputation for being highly intuitive when designing bespoke cocktails for her guests. 


For the past four years, Caledonia has been under the mentorship of Simon Ogden, the previous director of food and beverage at the prestigious Rialto Hotel in Victoria, B.C., and vice president of the Candian Professional Bartender's Association. It is here where she became one of Western Canada's top bartenders. 



Awards & Acknowledments 



  • Grand Marnier Cup, 1st place, 2017

  • Speed Rack Canada regional winner, 2017

  • CPBA Bartender of the Month, 2017

  • Air Canada's En Route Magazine, 2017

  • Campari Negroni Week, 3rd place, 2016

  • Brown Forman Spirit Quest, regional winner, 2015